About Us

How we started to pop!


Just a few years ago, our owner, Cherie Scholtz, was a quality assurance monitor for the dairy industry. But after her brother, Brian Singleton, owner of Amarillo’s Crush Wine Bar & Grill, visited a popsicle shop in Dallas and was blown away by its adventurous offerings, he came home to his sister and said, “Want to learn to make popsicles?” Scholtz didn’t have to think long before agreeing! After all, from her quality-assurance work, she already knew the ins and outs of the food industry.  

So she and her brother bought a gently used sno-cone trailer and set up shop in the early days of the Amarillo Community Market. Their gourmet popsicles were an instant hit. In fact, it wasn’t long before the truck had paid for itself. The operation kept on producing profits, so much so that pretty soon Scholtz and Singleton were thinking of expanding to a brick-and-mortar storefront.  

When Singleton and Scholtz discovered the space in Wolflin, everything seemed perfect. The unique, L-shaped location features two storefronts, allowing Scholtz to sell popsicles out of one door, while her brother offers wine out of the other. So far, the idea has been a smashing success.  

The crew at Purple Flamingo cuts all of the fruit and squeezes the juices in house. This results in many flavors that rely on the seasons. For example, the shop’s wildly popular Cherry Limeade flavor is only available when fresh cherries are in season. The shop consistently sells about 20 regular flavors, but Scholtz also devises clever weekly specials, like Peach Buttermilk and – in the fall – Red-Hot Candied Apple, a popsicle that is based on Scholtz’s grandmother’s old candied apple recipe, and made with actual Red Hots. Another Autumn classic is Scholtz’s Prickly Pear popsicle, made with prickly pears hand-picked near Palo Duro Canyon by Scholtz and company. And, as if all this weren’t enough, the shop serves up what may be the finest chocolate-covered bananas in Texas.